kzk-ekofWorkshop on market studies selection and prioritization of sectors and industries, organized by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in their Paris headquarters, presented an opportunity for the Commission for Protection of Competition to enhance its know-hows from the area.

The objective of this one-day workshop was to support competition authorities when opting for industry sectors and markets for performing analysis, particularly in cases when no clear indications on market disturbances or competition infringement cases exist.

The workshop encompassed numerous issues relating to various sector inquiries’ objectives and their influence on the selection and prioritization of sectors for sector inquiries, role of strategic factors, including public opinion when selecting and prioritizing sectors, in addition to quantitative and qualitative techniques used when selecting sectors and determining scopes of the studies.

In addition to participation of competition authority representatives from France, Spain and Great Britain, the European Commission representatives also presented their sector inquiries related experiences during the workshop. Ms. Jelena Popović – Markopulos, Department for Sector Inquiries, represented the Commission for Protection of Competition on the occasion.